Our Story


//ANIFA envision the future clothing of the human race, fashion and science are not often related in people’s mind but in fact fashion has always been influenced by science discoveries. The discovery of synthetic fibers like Polyester and Nylon has changed the whole concept of fashion that now became the modern activewear phenomenon///

//It started as a clothing manufacturer in 1984 in Macau, the company has been producing leisure wear and later professional sports wear for major fashion houses worldwide, specialising in design and development of functional clothing by working with cutting edge material makers like Toray Industries and Toyobo in Japan.///

//The founder Simon Kuong has always been passionate in design and at the same time computer science, he started programing and web design from very young age and graduated in UK with a computing and business degree, heavily influenced by hacker culture, science- fiction and the art of animation in the 90’s, he started to imagine a fashion brand that could combine the latest technology and the art of design.///

//As our human culture evolved around art and technology we believe the future of design, production, and retail of products will be very different from today, and Anifa will be the first one to embrace the latest changes. We can already foresee our future clothing that will be designed by AI machines, produced by 3D printing, paid by crypto currencies and deliver to your door step by autonomous drone.  We also foresee the future lifestyle of world traveling entrepreneurs and creative workers demand the most versatile, smart and comfortable active wear clothing that blurs the line of traditional fashion categories.///

//Anifa is more than clothing, its an experiment of socially responsible and future lifestyle, the name Anifa comes from the famous novel “Animal Farm” by British writer George Orwell, it is to remind us to stay true to our mission, stay humble, and to contribute to a better world.///